The Best Mega Moolah Slot Bonuses

There are plenty of Microgaming designed slot games you can play, however the Mega Moolah slot is one of their most popular video slots on which one of several different progressive jackpots are up for grabs!

In fact so popular has that slot become you will now find several different slots all sharing the progressive jackpot pools. Below we are going to be showcasing the original slot in that series which, over the years, has paid out some huge valued jackpots to players and has made several of those players instant millionaires!




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Basic Slot Structure

The Mega Moolah slot has been designed to give all players the option of playing it for stake levels they can afford, and as such it is a 25 optional payline slot offering coin value settings of 0.01, 0.02 and 0.05. You will also find that you can play from one to five coins per payline you activate and send into play.

That does of course mean this is a great penny slot to play, but even if you are a high stake slot player by configuring the slot to play for maximum bet spins you will find the max bet stake of 6.25 will give you plenty of chances of winning big, without breaking your bankroll too quickly and if you want to go further and seek out some other slot bonuses to keep your bankroll going then is one to check out where to get the latest bonuses. 

No matter how much you play the slot for, a small percentage of your stakes mega moolah screenshotare going to be feeding the four live progressive jackpots, and as such the long term expected payout percentage of this all singing and all dancing and much more importantly potentially huge paying slot is 88.12%.

The way in which you are going to be able to win one of those four progressive jackpots is quite unique, so please do keep on reading for details of how you could bag one of those jackpots instantly and on any spin you play off!

Mega Moolah Pay Table and Progressive Jackpots

There is very generous pay table attached to the Mega Moolah slot, and to view that pay table at any time simply click onto the view payout button once you have launched the slot from the games menu.

As this slot comes with a wildlife type of theme you will find several wild animal themed reel symbols in play on all five of its video reels. The Lion symbol has several uses, first and foremost it is the base game jackpot paying reel symbol and five of those symbols on any activated payline will award you with a 15,000 coin jackpot for each coin wagered on the payline they spun in on.

However, the Lion symbols are also wild symbols so they will stand in for all other reel symbols with the exception of the scatter symbols. All standard winning combinations formed with the help of the Lion wild symbols will also be doubled in value.

Another reel symbol worth making a note of is the Monkey symbol, those symbols are to be found on all five reels of this slot and when two or more of them spin into view a scatter pays winning payout is awarded to you as those symbols are scatter symbols!

However, get three of the Monkey symbols or more than three of them spinning into view and not only are you going to receive the scatter pays winning payout, which can be as high as 100 times your initial base game staked amount when all five of them spin in, but a free spins feature round will also trigger!

Randomly Awarded Progressive Jackpots

As you have just discovered the base game jackpot is a large valued one, however there are also four progressive jackpots that can be won on any single base game spin you play off on the Mega Moolah slot.

However, unlike most other progressive jackpot awarding slots you are not going to have to play for maximum bet spins to have a chance of winning any one of those four jackpots nor do you have to line up any jackpot symbols to walk off with those jackpots!

The four progressive jackpots are awarded completely at random on any base game spin you play off. It does not matter how many paylines you have activated and it also doesn’t matter what stake you are playing this slot game for, as long as you have wagered at least 0.01 on any spin there is the chance the randomly awarded jackpot bonus game could be awarded to you at the end of any paid for base game spin.

When that bonus game is awarded to you a large message will instantly drop down onto the slot games screen, and the bonus screen will launch. You will see displayed on that bonus game screen a large wheel which is divided into segments.

Each of those segments has one of four different colours, and all you have to do next is to click onto the spin button and send the wheel into motion. The wheel will then spin several times and will slow down and then stop.

The coloured segment that is then spun in facing the win arrow will determine just which jackpot you will be awarded with. The four jackpots which can be won are the Mini, Minor, Major and Mega Jackpots which all have a different value and also a different seed value.

It is the Mega Jackpot segment of the wheel you will be praying spins in, for when it does you are guaranteed to become an instant millionaire! As this jackpot bonus game is awarded completely at random you could trigger it several times in a short number of base game spins, which is why this slot is very exciting to play.

For reference the seed values of each of those jackpots which will be the values they reset to whenever they are won are, 10.00, 100.00, 10,000 and 1,000,000.00. This slot is a multi currency one and as such the currency you have chosen as the one attached to your casino account is the one you will both be playing this slot game for and the value of the jackpots that can be won when playing it!

Free Spins Bonus Feature

You will also get plenty of additional chances of winning when playing the Mega Moolah slot, as you can also trigger a set of free spins when playing it either online or on any mobile device.

The Monkey scatter symbols are the key to you being able to play off a set of 15 free spins, and when three of those symbols or more than three of them have appeared on any base game spin that bonus game will then need playing jackpots

The multiplier values in play during the free spins round are worth x3, so every single winning combination formed during the free spins feature round is going to be tripled. Plus if you spin in three or more of the Monkey scatter symbols on a single free spin then another set of 15 free spins will be coming your way!

Whilst you can play this slot with any number of paylines in play, if you do want to have the chance of achieving some higher valued winning payouts via the free spins round you are best advised to put into play as many of the payline as you can afford on each base game spin.

However, being a video slot which awards its free spins bonus game via a set of spun in scatter symbols, no matter how many lines you choose to activate you are always going to have the same chance of triggering the free spins round as a player playing all 25 paylines has!

For reference due to the length of the reel strips and the number of scatter symbols found on each of the five video reels, you have a one in 146 chance of being awarded the free spins round, so on average that bonus game should trigger once every 146 base game spins!

Slot Playing Tip

As the Mega Moolah slot is going to be randomly awarding you with the bonus game which can award the progressive jackpots, and with there being no requirement for you to have to play this slot for maximum bet spins, then there are lots of different slot playing tips we can pass onto you in regards to playing this slot optimally.

However, one way that a large number of players do tend to put into play is to set the slot to a minimum stake amount and then utilize the auto play option to send the slot into play automatically.

By configuring the slot to play itself via the auto play option and for low stakes, you can leave the slot to play off hundreds of spins in the hope that one of those low stake spins is going to trigger that bonus game.

The more spins you do play off the more chances you will have of the bonus game being awarded, and when it does trigger you are then guaranteed of winning any one of those four progressive jackpots you can see ticking away on the jackpot meter display panel!