The Cosmopolitan Resort Casino at Las Vegas Hosts Mega Moolah Slot

Las Vegas’s Cosmopolitan Resort casino sure has a way to reside in a person’s mind the minute he sets his foot at the hotel. The hotel greets its visitors with its bright red reservation desks and its signature interiors. The hotel has an interesting display of fine art throughout the entire resort.

A Resort to Look Forward To: Cosmopolitan Resort Casino

The hotel flaunts its beautiful video art entirely produced by Digital Kitchen along with David Rockwell Studio right at the entry of the hotel. Followed by the vast video art display is The Cosmopolitan’s enormous casino floor expanding to an area of 100,000 sq. ft.

The Cosmopolitan Resort casino hotel’s rooms are another point of attraction for the visitors. The hotel has a total of 2,995 rooms out of which 2,220 rooms have private terraces which are 6 feet deep and run across the entire length of the rooms. These terraces flaunt a beautiful view of the Las Vegas skyline. This makes the rooms or suites feel like apartments for the guests.

To add to the homely and warm feeling, the rooms also come with soaking tubs to add to the leisure of the guests. The rooms are also accompanied by some enticing adornments like interesting coffee table books. The hotel also offers bungalows to the guests which have an all day and night butler service and a Jacuzzi plunge pool to add to the guests’ leisurely stay. These bungalows expand to 3 levels and also come with the beautiful terraces.

Luxurious Amenities at Cosmopolitan Resort Casino

Adding to the luxurious facilities are the fitness amenities for the guests. The Boulevard Fitness Center at The Cosmopolitan is open for 24 hours a day. So, anyone who does not want to miss out on their routine workouts, this is the place which will fulfill their needs.

The hotel also has a spa and salon for those who would like a little pit of refreshment during their day.

Not just this, The Cosmopolitan Resort casino offers its guests a unique dining experience. You’ll not find anything like it anywhere else in Las Vegas. It has a total of 13 restaurants, which add to the options available to the people and guests of Las Vegas. Dishes suitable to every flavour of the guests are available at these 13 restaurants. While Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill boasts about its exquisite sushi, the Mediterranean daily located at Estiatorio Milos flaunts the variety of fresh fish available at their restaurant.

Apart from all these amenities, The Cosmopolitan Resort casino offers its guests a place to party around the clock. Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub is a place to visit for the party animals. The setting includes a pool with cabanas in the outdoor section. The venue also has three different sections. It has three different vibes for the guests to choose from according to their mood and preferences. Apart from the nightclub/ dayclub, the Cosmopolitan Resort casino also has a a set of 5 bars. They are meant for those guests who do not like to party. They are great places to sit down at a bar and grab their drinks. The Chandelier is one of its bars which is sheathed with 2 million dripping crystals.

Winner at the Cosmopolitan Resort Casino

Keeping aside these facilities and offerings at the hotel, The Cosmopolitan also has some amazing stories to tell. Recently, a guest from Pennsylvania left the casino with a jackpot of $1,085,391. The best part is that he had with just a $1 on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. This guest had earlier cashed out for $500. However, he got back to his favourite slot machine with just $2 in his hand. He ended up winning a jackpot of 1 million dollars. The machine which won this man 1 million dollars can be spotted in The Cosmopolitan’s CliQue Bar & Lounge.