Mega Moolah Jackpot and Big Winners

As you will be aware if you play the Mega Moolah slot game there are several different jackpots up for grabs! However, if you have not yet played this colourful and high paying slot machine then allow us to give you a much deeper insight into the jackpots that can be won when playing it, and introduce you to some players who have won big when playing it online!

Mega Jackpot Winners

£13,208,966 – The biggest ever jackpot won on the Mega Moolah slot game was by a UK Solider who was passing some time playing it online for only tiny stakes. On Wednesday the 7th of October 2015 he triggered the wheel spinning bonus game and his jaw must have hit the floor when he realised he had just won a record breaking £13,208,966 in cash!

£11,633,233 – Imagine how you would feel if you did win the Mega Jackpot playing the Mega Moolah slot, well keep in mind you can win it when playing the slot for any stake amount and are not required to play maximum bet spins to have any chance of winning it. It was on Saturday the 5th of November 2016 that another player won big with a jackpot of £11,633,233, what a way to celebrate Guys Fawkes Night!

£11,342,285 – 2015 was certainly a lucky year for many players of the Mega Moolah slot, for on Monday the 7th September 2015 another huge jackpot was paid out by that slot, and that jackpot was a whopper worth some £11,342,285. Keep in mind that any player who does win a progressive jackpot playing the Mega Moolah slot is paid out via one single lump sum payment!

£11,609,115 – This list of players who have been instantly turned into multi-millionaires playing the Mega Moolah slot keeps on growing, an another lucky player was playing that slot on Sunday the 28th of August 2016, and trigger the wheel spin bonus game and spun in the segment of the wheel that marked a life changing £11,609,115 jackpot win!

The average amount won by players who do bag the Mega Jackpot is a whopping £6,004,887, and on average that jackpot is won every 59 days. With that in mind maybe you should start playing it when the current value of the jackpot is around that amount, as it may just be about to hit when it does reach that figure!

Other Mega Moolah Jackpots

Whilst it will of course be the Mega Progressive Jackpot you will be hoping to win when playing the Mega Moolah slot, keep in mid there are some additional and not too insignificant jackpots you could win instead of that jackpot. Below we will give you an insight into each of those jackpots and how much they could offer you if you are lucky enough to be awarded with them!

Fixed Coin Jackpot – The base game jackpot which can be won on any spin you play off is worth a huge 15,000 coins. However, that jackpot is based on you playing just one single coin per line. If you decide to play max bet spins which will see you playing 5 coins per line per spin then that jackpot becomes a much higher valued 75,000 coins!

This jackpot is won fairly regularly by players, however the trick to getting the maximum chances of winning is by playing the maximum number of pay lines, that being 25 per spin! So keep that in mind.

Free Spins Jackpot – There is a free spun bonus game that can be triggered and awarded to you once you spin in at least three of the Monkey scatter symbols, as all winning payouts spun in during that bonus game are tripled in value you could win up to 225,000 coins during the free spin bonus game.

The free spins can be re-triggered too, and having played the Mega Moolah slot regularly we have noticed it does award the free spins very frequently, so with some luck when playing it you may not have to wait very long for those free spins to come your way!

Mini Jackpot – The most regularly won progressive jackpot on the Mega Moolah slot game is of course the Mini Jackpot, when playing this slot you will notice each time a player wins a jackpot a message flashes across the screen to alert you to that fact.

As that jackpot has a very modest reset seed value of just £10 and as it is won every few minutes of so the value of the jackpot is not huge in size, but still it is always welcome if and when you do win it!

Minor Jackpot – The Minor Jackpot is the second highest valued progressive you can win when playing the Microgaming designed Mega Moolah slot. That jackpot has a reset seed value of £100 and it is won many times a day. However, it will of course be the Major or Mega Jackpot you will be hoping to win when you send the Mega Moolah bonus wheel spinning as those jackpots can be and are huge in value!

Major Jackpot – The Major Jackpot attached to the Mega Moolah slot game has a seed reset value of £10,000 so when you do spot the jackpot slightly over £10k in value then that is a very good indication that jackpot has very recently been won.

A few relevant facts and figures about the Major Jackpot is that the average amount won by players when it has been awarded to them is some £34,277, and the average amount of time in between that jackpot being won is 22 hours and 47 minutes.

Much like all of the other progressive jackpots attached to the Mega Moolah slot game, it doesn’t matter at what stake levels you are playing it for you do have a chance of being randomly awarded with the Mega Moolah wheel spinning bonus game which guarantees you will win one of the four progressive jackpots once you spin the wheel and it comes to a stop!

Mega Moolah is one of the most played video slot games that feature a progressive jackpot. The game is offered at leading Microgaming powered online casinos and features some amazing ways to win. In addition to being able to win a progressive, players will collect frequent payouts from the standard game and will enjoy ongoing action at all times. This game has been known to offer some of the largest progressive wins anywhere online and the jackpot often soars past £1 million, creating the chance for any player to become an instant millionaire with just a single spin on the exciting game.jackpot wheel

The Mega Moolah jackpot is always seeded at £1 million, which means that players will always have the chance to win this amount and more regardless of where in the world you are playing from. Since so many players access this game on a regular basis, the jackpot grows quickly and has been hit for millions, offering life altering wins to many players from around the world. The average win on the game is £3.7 million and is hit about every 11 weeks. There are actually four progressive jackpots available with the game, including the Mega, Major, Minor and Mini jackpots, and all offering great payouts.

Since the game has been released, it has attracted the attention if millions of players who are looking for a massive jackpot win. The current jackpot of the game is £6,730,000 and this can be won at any time. The most recent jackpot winner was a Canadian player in November of 2014, winning an amazing amount of £3.3 million. The largest jackpot to ever be won from the mobile version of the game was a £3.7 million win! In December of 2012, a lucky player from the UK took home an impressive win of £5.88 million from the Dark Knight game, which is linked to the Mega Moolah progressive network. One of the largest wins from the game happened in 2009 where a player from Greece hit the machine for a payout of £6,374,599! This huge win was won with just a £5 bet on the game and is the largest jackpot payout to date. However, with the current jackpot now worth more than that amount, a record will soon be set when the next winner claims their enormous jackpot prize. Over the years, many players have become instant millionaires from this popular game and many more will come in the future as the jackpot is always rising.

This progressive video slot game is one of the most popular in the entire industry and provides every player with the chance to strike it rich and collect at least £1 million in a jackpot win. With great game features and some nice betting options, the game can be enjoyed by many around the globe and one lucky winner will soon enjoy the life altering amount that is available.